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14.11.19: Holzbaupreis Styria 2019

The Josefhof health care facility received the Holzbaupreis 2019 from among 180 entries in the category of health care buildings. Together with the clients and the timber construction company, we are delighted about the award and would like to thank all those involved in the project for their excellent cooperation.

“With floating elegance, the huge building volume of the Josefhof nestles into the landscape. Three narrow, elongated structures are intertwined with nature like an arena. The elegance is evident in the dissolution of the space – between opening outwards into nature and inner seclusion. Despite the size, the visitor is never lost, always embedded. The use of wood as a building material seems perfectly logical for a health centre. The supporting structure, the joining of components such as window elements, wall elements, doors and the conscious selection of natural materials that are as CO2-neutral as possible are understood as a contribution to achieving a low primary energy requirement.”

Jury: Friedrich Egger, Landesinnung Holzbau Salzburg; Univ. Prof. Tom Kaden, Inst. für Architekturtechnologie, TU Graz; DI Dr. Peter Mandl, Peter Mandl ZT GmbH Structural engineering; LBD DI Andreas Tropper, Landesbaudirektion Steiermark; Arch. DI Marion Wicher, Marion Wicher Architecture

The Holzbaupreis has been in existence for twenty years. Presented by the Landesinnung Holzbau and “Besser mit Holz”, it documents and awards prizes for Styrian timber construction skills.

From left to right: Georg Schneider (GRAWE Board of Directors), Wolfgang Goll (Josefhof), Dietger Wissounig, Petra Dominikus (Josefhof), Wolfgang Gartler (VAEB), Christian Kaufmann (Kaufmann Bausysteme), Stephan Schmidt (Dietger Wissounig Architekten)

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