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22.10.14: PWH Peter Rosegger to be awarded with “Geramb Rose 2014”

… “The nursing home was built on the former site of the Hummelkaserne barracks in the west of Graz. It is one of the first buildings to be realised in the vicinity of the large Reininghaus project. Up to 20,000 people are expected to live in this new district one day.
At present, however, the urban environment is extremely heterogeneous. The project in question was therefore designed two-storey wooden façade and the almost mirror-symmetrical concept, the project in question was therefore planned as a very autonomous object.
The central element of the design is an interior “village square”. The four house communities on the ground and upper floors are grouped around this square.
ground and upper floors. Each of these units offers space for 13 residents and has large living, dining and cooking areas and cooking areas, which allow the residents to participate in the preparation of meals and the presence and participation of family members in everyday life. This creates a manageable situation and a very pleasant, stimulating atmosphere. The individual living spaces also have an extremely high-quality and friendly feel. The design with generous glazing and parapets designed as benches are useful and attractive design elements that are often missing in “normal” residential buildings. By means of (louvres, skylights, canopies), a variety of lighting moods are made possible and a reference to the course of the day is established.
to the course of the day. In general, an attempt is made to provide the residents with a variety of opportunities to spend time on balconies, inner courtyards and in two gardens. The entire building impresses with its well thought-out and precisely implemented details.
The design as a timber construction with a high degree of prefabrication in passive house construction also contributes to the fact that the Peter Rosegger nursing home
has an exemplary effect not only in terms of its extraordinary architectural qualities, but also with regard to sustainability and the economic use of resources.
has an exemplary effect.” …

– Jury  Gerambrose 2014 (Markus Bogensberger, Hemma Fasch, André Kempe, Michael Rieper, Andreas Tropper)