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17.11.21: Competition “Graz Center of Physics”

The project interweaves the campus landscape with the built environment. This is entirely in keeping with the spirit of a place that desires an atmosphere that brings people together with nature to shape each other.
The stepped inner courtyards, the three city gardens with the two existing plane trees in the green strip, the city terrace on the west side and the individual intensively greened roof areas (study garden) are to be understood as a climatic, atmospheric and not least work-quality contribution. In this way, students can also study outdoors and teachers can relax during breaks, look after the beehives or garden in the small greenhouses (urban gardening). On the roof, on the other hand, they party and measure the sun and the stars.

Strolling along the two-storey public promenade inside the building, one passes closed structures and open atriums. The promenade connects the two main entrances and presents the structure of the building, gives an overview. Institutes and laboratory areas have their entrance addresses here, and the semi-public lecture halls and seminar areas have their entrances. In between, light-flooded learning areas inside the building, learning terraces and study gardens provide a concentrated working atmosphere.

Views and light from the atriums illuminate the promenade. It is given a special lighting atmosphere by light prisms set into the ceiling. Glass prisms of different thicknesses and twists break up the daylight into its colour spectrum and overlap to create an iridescent play of light and shadow.

“The comb structure with 4 slender fingers parallel to Goethestrasse and connecting tract along Attemsgasse is in principle an efficient, familiar basic concept. The continuous ground-floor plinth with the auditorium centre offers spatial amenity qualities. The jury also appreciates the design of the façades and the generous greening of the open areas.” Excerpt from the jury.


EU-wide, restricted, single-stage realisation competition with preliminary application procedure

Honorable mention

Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.

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