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08.02.23 Competition for a New Public Indoor Swimming Pool

In the south of Klagenfurt, in the district of Waidmannsdorf, the new indoor swimming pool completes the “sport bracket” of the provincial capital in its eastern extension.
Between the Wörthersee stadium and the athletics arena, the new building complements the sports and leisure facilities.
The proposal for a hexagonal structure that takes up the given directions of the district and is based on the orthogonal surrounding buildings in the north and west and the dominant main traffic axis in the south. The new indoor swimming pool with its compact dimensions blends harmoniously into the urban fabric. The design takes up the urban and rural conditions and thus creates a hybrid urban space.
The dynamic roof shape does not only allow efficient use of the required room heights, but also embeds the building in the surrounding landscape which, with its height differences and greenery, separates the building and the neighbouring residential area from the busy Südringstrasse in terms of noise and creates a lively green area. The various organically shaped atriums and structures form a dense spatial structure and divide the interior of the pool into three zones; the sports, leisure and rest areas. The strong reference to the landscape is thus continued in the interior and floods the interior with daylight. A bathing landscape embedded in the greenery for maximum calmness inside.
The primary design approach is to create a bathing landscape embedded in greenery for well-being and relaxation, for top athletes as well as for families and bathing enthusiasts all year round.

EU-wide, open, two-stage realisation competition with subsequent negotiation procedure

Stadtwerke Klagenfurt AG