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Bio – Impulse Center Styria, Alt- Grottenhof, Graz (Austria)

The form of the BIO-Impulszentrum translates the classic gable-roofed house into a contemporary, future-oriented type of this archetype of the house par excellence.  In all regions of Styria, this form is accepted as a house and thus connects all farms of Organic Harvest Styria. Philosophically, the form with its special abstracted formation can be thought of and read as a mediator of old and new. Together with the Stadl building and the organic farm shop corner, the new building forms a square situation on which a bread oven is located. The organic impulse centre extends the square around the corner, making it possible to play in the forecourt around the ground floor zone. Fold-up façade shutters form a canopy at both corners of the square. The ground floor zone can be opened up over a large area, thus extending the forecourt into the interior and, depending on the party or event, a very large covered area can be played in.

Invited, single-stage competition

2012, Bio Ernte Steiermark; ÖWGES Gemeinnützige Wohnbaugesellschaft m.b.H.