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12.09.18: Competition for the replacement of the Voisthalerhütte

The new Voisthalerhütte is located as a highly visible landmark in the high valley of the Upper Dullwitz.
As a point of orientation between Hochschwab, Wetterkogel, Karlhochkogel and Fölzsattel, it replaces the existing hut and appears as a simple, clear volume in the high alpine terrain.

In accordance with the design language, the new shelter appears through a striking façade materialisation: an irregular cover strip formwork made of rough-sawn natural larch wood slats covers the structure and on the one hand emphasises the contrast to the surroundings, on the other hand weather and environmental influences are visible on the surface (weathering) – the building inscribes itself in its surroundings over the years as a cultural asset and identity bearer. The interior is dominated by visible wooden surfaces of the BSP construction and the floor boards.

Due to the self-sufficient location and the mandatory use of helicopter flights, a prefabricated timber construction was chosen as a sensible building form.

The new Voisthalerhütte, with its compact form and simple character, accommodates the main function of a “refuge” and understands how to harmonise current tourist requirements (accommodation, shelter, family-friendliness, alpine accessibility) with nature and landscape conservation.

Invited, single-stage realisation competition
1st rank
2018, Alpine Club Austria