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“Wooden Space” – Municipal Office Albeck, Sirnitz

The planning comprises an extension to the existing municipal office, a one-storey annexe building positioned parallel to the L65 road. The focus was on a barrier-free access using a flat ramp and the topic of opening the municipality to the outdoors. The floor-to-ceiling glazing facing the street conveys the feeling of a “showcase”. Thus the office is in plain view both from the town centre and the L65 road. A sloping projecting roof frames the view of the church from inside the building. The town of Albeck/Sirnitz is part of the so-called “Wood Route”, which is the reason why the annexe was formally interpreted as “piece of furniture” covered with larch wood, reaching into the existing building and containing, amongst other service functions, an information area about wood.

Invited competition  1st prize

2009,  Gemeinde Sirnitz/Albeck

Assignment: Extension of municipal office