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Senior Citizen Centre Leoben-Göss (Austria)

The building site for the senior citizen centre is influenced by different conditions: The high noise pollution from the Gösserstraße on the one side, and the beauty of the park-like estate and the religious-cultural influence of the Göss Abbey on the other side. In order to emphasise not only the protective, but also the public character of the building, it is positioned on the site as a compact, three-storey solitaire with view on the abbey and the garden. At the street frontage, where the units for assisted living are situated, the salient foyer in the form of an L continues with the existing building line, whilst at the same time shielding the building from the street.

Invited competition
1st Price

2006 – 2014,  ÖWG + Caritas
Assignment: Retirement home/social centre, Services: All architectural services