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22.08.19: Competition Von der Groeben Kaserne Feldbach

The planned new building is intended as a central and autonomous accommodation object that can be connected to existing transport and infrastructure facilities.
The three-storey structure of the building optimises the space required for construction and conserves useful land resources.
The functional units are divided into a basic unit, a service unit and accommodation modules, which can be arranged in any order in a two-hipped grid. This system allows variable longitudinal expansion of the building structure and thus unlimited expandability of the prototype.
The basic unit integrates the vertical circulation and, in addition to the staircase, contains the general shower and toilet facilities, as well as storage and building services rooms. With the office and recreation rooms of the service unit and the main entrance, the base modules form the centre of the accommodation building.
The accommodation modules A, B and C differ from each other only in the equipment and furnishings. Prefabricated in a factory, they can be delivered to the building site and quickly moved there with the construction crane.
The upper floors create a harmonious serial image through the regular placement of the accommodation modules. Twistable folding shutters in front of the room windows serve as a shading device that is understood as an integral part of the building concept. When closed, they complete the design of the slatted façade.

Through the use of new technical knowledge and ecological building materials, a sensible sustainability strategy is pursued at all levels of the design. The compactness and the clear system, as well as a uniform load-bearing structure throughout, sustainably generate the required practicality, flexibility and adaptability. At the same time, a high degree of prefabrication conserves resources and shortens the construction time.

Negotiated procedure for general planning services

3rd prize
Military Real Estate Management Centre Vienna