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23.10.19: Competition Office and Residential Building Theodor-Körner-Straße

The narrow building site between noise emissions and the existing building structure requires a sensitive approach to the integration of the building structure into the street space and the design of the open space in order to achieve the highest possible quality of living and use as well as flexibility for further development. Closing the jagged block offers the opportunity to restore the qualities of these urban quarters in their density and architectural diversity. The differentiated outdoor areas with street space and a green, quiet inner courtyard as well as a representative appearance open up further quality potential as characteristic features.

The basis of the design is the continuation of the surrounding three-storey buildings along the street, so that the block can be closed in the future.
The three-storey building shields the street from noise and offers the potential to generate a varied, noise-reduced and light-flooded landscape space despite the narrow open space. A forecourt at the central entrance of the building structure is designed as a distinctive identity carrier. For the future residents, a place with a high quality of stay and recreational function will be created.
From the south, the planned structure develops in the width of the existing buildings and continues at an angle to the crossroads along Grabenstrasse via a narrow head building. The elongated building is given an architecturally effective structure by its bent formulation: differentiated living space qualities and outdoor space references to the street as well as diverse open space zones and spatial squares are created.


In collaboration with Studio Boden
Landscape Architecture + Urban Design

invited competition 2019
P&G Immobilienerrichtungs GmbH