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09.10.2023 Competition for a New Baden General High School

The new High School for Ecology and Sustainability will in the future form the central link of the growing educational campus – Baden.

The three-storey shelf-like structure occupies the north-western corner of the site. By setting the structure along the academy promenade in the west, the school forms a square in the centre of the campus area. The campus square in front of the volume serves as an urban, traffic-calmed circulation zone. Urban furniture for sitting, lying down, but also for sporting activities provides a lively social space and shared exchange. The outdoor space surrounding the volume is transformed from an urban square to a recreational space in the green with a view of the adjacent sports field and the possibility to be active in the outdoor gym. The height progression of the “airy” compact building is subordinate to the surrounding buildings and calms the heterogeneous neighbourhood. The new school building is embedded in a park-like landscape of deciduous trees. The trees provide shaded recreational spaces outside and a flowing transition between the building and the landscape. The spatial structuring with green elements continues inside into the area of the individual learning landscapes.

“The project creates a largely closed appearance to the outside with a finely divided façade structure consisting of a front-mounted system for shading elements and almost floor-to-ceiling window elements behind it. This creates pleasant transparency and individually controllable shading. An interesting 3D effect differentiates the size of the building in a convincing way. Towards the inner courtyard, there are delicately arranged learning areas that can be organised in different sizes. The exterior is accessed via smaller loggias to the north, south and east – towards the sports field. Here, the clear structure of the functions, their dimensions and quality of space are convincing” Excerpt from the jury report

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EU-wide, open, two-stage realisation competition with subsequent negotiation procedure

Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H. (BIG)