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09.01.20: 2ACAA Winner 2019

Wir freuen uns über die internationale Auszeichnung mit dem 2A Architectural Award 2019 in der Kategorie „Europe – Public“ für die Gesundheitseinrichtung Josefhof.
Seit 2003 wird der Preis jährlich vom 2A Magazin durch dessen Herausgeber  Ahmad Zohadi (Teheran) vergeben:

“to pay tribute to the living architect or architects whose architecture and artwork exhibits a blend of those qualities of ability, vision, flair, and dedication. We honor the architecture and architects that may have produced regular and noteworthy contributions to the human race and the built environment by making use of art and architecture.
The 2019 2A Continental Architectural Award seeks to recognize and promote architectural concepts in the fields of social development, contemporary design, area conservation, conservation of the environment as well as landscape design. The 2ACAA 2019 acknowledges a person whose considerable body of work has a long-lasting influence on architecture.“