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12.12.14: St. Martin sports hall receives the Kärntner Landesbaupreis 2014

“…. The large room volumes are very efficiently supplied with daylight from above, via lateral window strips and skylights in the roof. The daylighting in combination with the very unconventional, cream-white colouring of the entire surfaces, leads to a very light-footed, cheerful, almost elated atmosphere of the sports hall….
One is impressed by the special atmosphere of the interior, which does not make the toil of competitive sport but the joy of movement the theme of architectural design.
The exterior of the building is characterised by precise details and refined cuts of the different surfaces. One is confronted with a clear, carefully built structure. Even the furnishing of the surrounding open spaces is not left to the randomness of prefabricated industrial car park furniture.
A very beautiful house, not just a building!”

Text: Lanzinger Jury: Hempel, Žnidaršič, Lanzinger, Fercher, Lanner
St. Martin Sports Hall, Villach