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24.11.15: Sports Hall St. Martin has been awarded with the European-Copper-in-Architecture-Award

“A deceptively simple design cleverly incorporating below-ground space, this sports hall box is beautifully done, even though defined by its programme and flat site. Its detailed execution is exemplary, with uninterrupted glazing and a subtle use of perforated copper.” Judges’ Views
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The European Copper in Architecture Campaign (ECAC) aims at promoting the benefits that copper can provide to modern society in the building and construction market. Copper is integral to the building’s performance delivering beauty, design flexibility, colour, protection, longevity and inspiration. The European Copper Institute (ECI) is a joint venture between the world’s leading mining companies, custom smelters and semi-fabricators and the European Copper Industry. The European Copper Institute is part of an international network of trade associations – funded by the copper industry – whose common mission is to defend and grow markets for copper, based on its superior technical performance and contribution to a higher quality of life. This network is unified by a common brand and visual identity: Copper Alliance. Under the strategic leadership of the International Copper Association Ltd, the Copper Alliance encompasses regional offices in Brussels, New York, Santiago and Shanghai. The European Copper Institute supports ten national associations and their industry members.