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26.09.19: from modular to top

überholz impulse lecture

For decades, the stacking of prefabricated components was equated with dreary housing estates and prefabricated concrete buildings. Only contemporary timber construction has managed to bring prefabrication and atmospheric quality back together in our minds. Especially in tourism construction, modular construction has been proving the compatibility of rationality and emotion for years. But now, in addition to school construction, modular construction is also set to renew residential construction. The first überholz impulse in the academic year 2019/2020 is dedicated to the potentials and development possibilities of modular construction and explores the question of how architectural polyphony can arise from monostructure.

Dietger Wissounig, Dietger Wissounig Architects, Graz, AT
Andreas Müller, Bern University of Applied Sciences, CH

Moderation: Patrick Stremler, Dietrich|Untertrifaller Architekten, Bregenz, AT