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Residential Complex, Deutschlandsberg (Austria)

Due to a high ecological demand and the desire to include the central position as well as the view of the beautiful surroundings into the planning, the residential complex consists of six four-storey buildings following the course of the hill. They make optimum use of the site and the way they are arranged creates high-quality open spaces and visual relationships. The entrance to the underground car park and the car park for guests are situated on the outer eastern corner of the site. This makes the inside area free of cars and enables public communicative zones. The energy plan contains an alignment of the buildings which enables a maximum solar input and a mixed wood/concrete construction for an optimal use of both materials in terms of thermal insulation and heat storage. In addition, it considers solar panels, photovoltaic systems and a heat-recovery ventilation system.

Invited competition  2nd prize

2010,  Ennstal, Wohn- und Siedlungsgenossenschaft