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25.05.23 Childcare Facility Knittelfeld


The first construction phase of the Knittelfeld state care center has been completed and is already in operation. As an extension of the existing Volkshilfe Steiermark care center, the kindergarten encompasses the central courtyard, which functions as the main intergenerational meeting point, a “village square”. The design spans a playscape from the inside to the outside, thereby enlivening both the premises and the adjoining open spaces. A spacious veranda area in front of the group rooms serves as a transitional space and additional solar protection. This is zoned with mud tables and small raised beds, so that the children are not only introduced to nature conceptually but also practically.

In the timber kindergarten, the focus is on well-being. A mixture of white and wood creates clearly structured rooms for playing and learning. Wooden accents in the form of built-in and play furniture give the group, side and activity rooms a homely atmosphere. Generous room windows create a strong connection to the outside space, which invites children to linger thanks to the low parapets at seat height. They also provide both the group rooms and the side rooms with optimal lighting and a view of the surrounding garden.