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Retirement and nursing home St. Peter, Klagenfurt

As part of the property of the Diakoniezentrum Sozial- und Gesundheitsbetriebe GmbH at the Harbach location in Klagenfurt, the St. Peter old people’s and nursing home is another building block in the existing ensemble of social facilities. To the east, the property borders on Harbach Castle, the former monastery that currently houses the Diakonie administration (rector’s office), as well as two schools and two youth residential groups.

The two approximately square, three-storey buildings are shifted into each other and intersect, so that in their intersections both access and care support points for two residential groups per floor are located. The residential groups themselves are situated around two atriums used as winter gardens, which can also be adapted for events if required. Balconies and loggias create an external reference that above all places the familiar mountain landscape at the centre of perception. The overall concept offers an open reference across all floors between the green park area, the covered outdoor areas, the living areas and the winter gardens.

2010 – 2012, Diakoniezentrum Sozial- und Gesundheitsbetriebe GmbH

Task: residential and nursing home for the elderly with 85 beds.

Services: Architectural planning, outdoor facilities