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Hausmannstätten Bypass Road

The large complex of buildings nestled on level ground along the new Hausmannstätten bypass road covers three functions: tunnel control centre, central repair shop and road maintenance depot. In order to keep the intrusion to a minimum, the building was interpreted as part of the landscape. It follows the course of the road and the green roofs, which regulate the climate and blend in with the fields farmed in strips. A planted embankment forms the boundary to the bypass and blocks the noise. Additionally, the way the elongated buildings are positioned near a common shunting yard also contributes to the noise protection. On the one hand, the complex consequently uses the existing topographical conditions to minimise noise, energy and routes. On the other hand, its clear, simple design vocabulary stabilises the atmosphere of the heterogeneous environment.

Competition 1st prize

2010-2012,  Federal state of Styria / Östu Stettin

Assignment: Tunnel control centre, central repair shop, road maintenance depot

Services: General planner, architectural planning, furnishing, outside facilities