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Bank Waidmannsdorf, Klagenfurt

Openness from inside and outside. The property is located in the Waidmannsdorf district directly on the impressive landscape of the Lendkanal. Along the waterway, starting at Loretto Castle, there is a row of public and representative buildings as well as larger private villas. Following the sequence and location parallel to the Lendkanal, a savings bank building is being built, which in its proportion and placement naturally fits into the original milieu of the canal. The newer, partly not very happily placed neighbours are contrasted with a relaxed, energetically as well as ecologically high-quality building.

Invited, single-stage, architectural competition, 1st place

Task: Bank branch of the Kärnter Sparkasse, café

2012 – 2014, Immofinanz AG

Services: Architectural planning, outdoor facilities, furnishing planning