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07.12.17: Competition Residential and Commercial Building Schönaugürtel 20, Graz

The site Schönaugürtel 20 is located on the southern edge of the Gründerzeit area in Graz and is to be redeveloped as such. The characteristic features of the Gründerzeit perimeter block development, a leafy, tranquil inner courtyard and a homogeneous, representative appearance serve as central foundations in the design process.
Four upper floors on the street side extend above a transparent base and are crowned by a recessed stacked storey.
The change from public to private is taken up by the exterior design and reflected in the choice of materials and different plantings.
By embedding the building in a soft, flowing landscape, a robust complex is created that also offers residents a high quality of outdoor space.

The building complex will be built in solid construction for commercial use on the ground floor and residential use (60% flats, 40% student accommodation). 50% of the roof areas are to be intensively greened and also used as open spaces.

Invited, single-stage competition: 1st prize

2017, Platinum Beteiligungs GmbH Graz

In collaboration with Studio Boden