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22.06.22 Opening Voisthalerhütte

The new Voisthalerhütte, located at an altitude of 1654 metres, is a visible sign in the high valley of the Upper Dullwitz on Hochschwab. The new appearance – a simple, clear volume – relies on the natural building material wood both inside and out. The rough-sawn larch boards of the exterior façade will allow the weather and environmental influences to be read over time and will frame the hut even more in its surroundings. Different types of wood in the interior for furniture, walls and floors create a warm, cosy atmosphere that welcomes hikers and invites them to rest and linger. This concept can also be seen in the spacious, covered terrace. In the guest room, with its unusually high rooms for a hut, purposefully placed window openings provide a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. The hut blends naturally into the landscape, but at the same time it is a striking orientation and destination point along the hiker’s path. After two years of construction, the opening is now taking place.

Opening: Saturday, 15 July 2022

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