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10.10.12: GerambRose Award Ceremony Styria 2012

The “Tunnel control centre, central repair shop and road maintenance depot on Hausmannstätten bypass road” is one of nine projects receiving the GerambRose award 2012.

“There are several reasons for awarding this building, which covers multiple functions. The first reason is the sensitive incorporation of the considerable space requirement into the landscape, which is not only of significance for the specific building, but also an expression of the building owner’s and the planner’s basic attitude towards the landscape. By sinking the building and the surrounding terrain modelling including the green roofs into the landscape a design-wise unpretentious and still careful connection of landscape planning, storage mass, noise protection and building boundaries is created. The economically and ecologically intelligent planning uses materials which are only logical for the function of the structure. Additionally, the spacious quality of the workplaces in the central building with their incorporation into the landscape and into the functional workflow of the complex should be highlighted.

Jury: Burkhalter, Steger, Bogensberger, Heindl, Stingl.