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Orly Resource, Paris Orly, France

The programme “Living 2000“ denominates the urban development planning of a large, widely unspoilt area between the Seine and the Orly Airport that incorporates landscape planning strategies. Due to the high level of traffic and noise in the whole urban area, the model prioritises the development of landscape measures and only plans to use selected sites for the construction of residential and leisure buildings. The aim of this procedure is to connect the town of Orly to the Seine and its geographic potentials on the one hand, and to prevent the development of an uncontrolled agglomeration of buildings on the other hand. The plan schedules a development period of ten to twenty years until the achievement of the final state.

Open competition (EU)
Special Jury Price

2002,  Municipality of Orly, City Planning, Area: 809 000 m2, Building density: 0,9 – 2,0